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The episode titled ‘The end P.2’ confirmed the well-known family taking one last journey for the series to Lake Tahoe, staying at a lush 15-acre property, costing $6,000 a evening, which came about earlier than Christmas last yr. Kiriyama did quite properly in portraying the creepy facet of Wataru but I thought it was a pity that he made a fairly wimpy exit in the long run which contributed to the anti-climatic ending. Alternatively, Ueno Juri has been comparatively low-profile after the Taiga “Gou” where she was slammed for the low rankings and rumours of her being troublesome to work with or not behaving appropriately towards the senior actors. Otherwise, I would have thought that based mostly on Arashi’s popularity and the truth that Ueno Juri is kind of effectively-identified for her function in Nodame Cantabile, there could be extra folks within the cinemas catching this. Apart from, his image in Arashi is the fashionista so I was a bit concerned whether he might pull off the function of Kosuke, an unusual man who might do with some luck in the romance sector. Little question Miyoshi Ayaka’s position of Satsuki was essentially the most obnoxious of the lot, her ability to make the character as detestable as doable is a testimony of her acting potential.

Too unhealthy the drama didn’t give her enough time to redeem her character and earn the sympathy of the viewers. There was talk about the camera angles being focused on Igawa Haruka’s body so often that it may flip off female viewers however draw in the guys to tune in. And to make things worse, after the group gathers to pay respects to Satsuki and places on her jacket for her, they leave her body there once more without calling for the authorities to deliver her corpse for an autopsy or ship back to her parents and to arrest the killer. To make issues worse, his boss even tells tales to Kazunari about what happened and this obviously does not go down effectively with Kazunari. When the reporters requested if her marriage to Sakai had an influence on this movie in any way, Kanno mentioned that the movie was shot between April and June final 12 months which was way before the couple even began dating. In addition to, there are solely two screenings per day (one at 11-plus within the morning and the one at 6-plus in the night). Though the wedding registration will be on 22 Nov which is a straightforward date to recollect, the wedding will solely be held subsequent spring.

He revealed that they have met each other’s households and the environment in the course of the assembly together with his dad and mom was especially good since they hit it off nicely rapidly given that they are all of blood kind O. As for when the marriage will happen, Nagai said that a choice will be made after making some arrangements in their respective schedules. Comparatively, Triendl Reina’s portrayal of Rika was moderately good as a result of she managed to indicate completely different sides to her character eg. Juri, on the other hand, was again at her best in handling the multi-faceted Mao who was cheerful, sensitive, shy, assertive and emotional all rolled into one. Did he come again to take revenge towards the group of buddies for exposing his secret. After all, in Kosuke and Mao’s case, they already had some emotions for one another back in junior excessive which might have continued blossoming if Kosuke’s family didn’t move away to Nagoya.