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Accelerator mass spectrometry (AMS) dating of the paddy finished by Beta Evaluation Inc., Miami, U.S.A, assigned the paddy to 490 BCE. Raghava Varier, former Professor, Department of History, Calicut University, “because the earliest date given so far to a south Indian site was 300 BCE.” The archaeological sites of Uraiyur in Tamil Nadu and Arikkamedu in Puducherry fell throughout the time-restrict of 300 BCE and Arikkamedu belonged to a later interval than Uraiyur. Alternatively, Dilip K. Chakrabarti, Emeritus Professor, Department of Archaeology, University of Cambridge, known as the Porunthal Tamil-Brahmi script “an epoch-making discovery in the archaeology of Tamil Nadu” and mentioned there “is little doubt” that Tamil-Brahmi belonged to the pre-Asokan interval. Its significance lay in the fact that while the Asokan-Brahmi began in the third century BCE, the Porunthal script may very well be dated to 5th century BCE, he says.

Tamil-Brahmi inscription discovered at Anuradhapura in Sri Lanka “has not been proved convincingly,” there was “a convincing date” at Porunthal and it was based mostly on a scientific dating system, mentioned Professor Varier, who was the honorary Editor of Kerala Archaeological Series. Besides, there is no such thing as a inscription of the pre-Asoka period out there. It means the period is after de-glaciation of Gangotri started. He also pointed out that the eco-frindly agricultural practices used by farmers in the Vedica period might additionally present a number of classes for the present day. You’ve rightly pointed out that previous to Mahabharata (some few 1000’s of years), Arundhati was behind Vasishtha and during Mahabharata instances, the place received reversed. The current Video deduces the celestial alignment of the Prishtha place by going by similar verses in the Mahabharata and compares them with the clippings from Mr Oak’s video. For more than 1000 years, this alignment had not changed. That is proof of the mounted dates of the Gregorian calendar and in addition the fastened alignment between the earth and the sun such that the sunlight or sighting the sun at a particular location within the sky never changes.

If there’s scientific proof that the paddy is dated to 490 BCE, “we have to take a seat up and take notice, and await affirmation,” Mr. Mahadevan said. Dr. Rajan, took the antiquity of the grave belonging to the early historic age to 490 BCE, he said. Paleo-botanical data recommend an antiquity of at least 3000 BCE for the multi-crop cultivation of til in Rakhigarhi websites and some centuries later for home rice, and trade with Mesopotamia and Egypt in til in 2000 BCE. He didn’t selectively point out just a few observations whereas ignoring few others. Hence, when Vyasa was doing sky statement just prior to the nice 18 day war, he went on to file many observations of the sky prevalent in those days. Because of this, when Vyasa met Dhritarashtra simply earlier than the warfare, he talked about many sky observations with a view to warn Dhritarshtra so as to hunt his intervention to keep away from war. The date given by the American laboratory was “an exquisite end result,” stated M.R. Sugarman, a managing associate at Camden Capital, was charged in June 2019 by the SEC for his function in a scheme to steal $forty three million of shopper funds they purported to invest in Native American tribal bonds.